Period survival kit: cup, sterilizer and 3 period panties

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You want to spoil someone or yourself? choose our beautiful box :)

Our beautiful box contains a Louloucup, a matching sterilizer and 3 period panties of your choice.

Our beautiful panties are extremely comfortable and convenient. One panty absorb the equivalent of 3 tampons while being very thin.

If you flow and light or medium, you can wear our panties all your cycle. If you flow is strong the first days, you can wear our panties when your flow is lighter.

Our panties will change not only your life but also the life of our planet!

Our products are:

  • Reliable
  • Comfortable
  • No leak/ no sensation
  • Healthy and ecofriendly

If you want other panties than the one in the pictures, please send us by email which model you prefer at