Menstrual cup sterilizer

Our foldable sterilizer is very convenient. Sterilizing your menstrual cup has never been that quick and easy!

  • Dimension unfolded: 91mm X 88 mm
  • Dimension folded: 91mm X 12mm

User guide

First option: Microwave sterilization

Remove the lid, insert your Louloucup, stem down, into the sterilizer. Cover with water. Place the sterilizer in the microwave without the lid for 5 min at 750 Watts.

Second option: Boiling water sterilization

Add boiling water in the sterilizer and wait for 5 min.


Your Louloucup is now sterilized. Wait for the menstrual cup to cool down or rinse it with cold water before using it to avoid the risk of burns.

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