What is the level of absorption of your panties?

Our panties absorb the equivalent of 2/3 tampons. For the first time, we advise you to wear our panties at home to see how many hours you can wear them and how many hours you can wear them.

What is my size?

The size of our panties is according to European standards. You can take your usual size.

If you have a doubt about your size, please find below a guide:

Hips84-86 cm89-91 cm94-97 cm99-102 cm104-107 cm109-113 cm

If you are Canadian, American, please take one size up than your usual American size. If you are a Medium in the United-stated - take a size L.

Can you panties completely replace pads and tampons?

If you have a super heavy flow, our Louloucup will be more appropriate. 

How to take care of your panties?

It's very easy. You just have to follow those very simple guidelines:

  • Rinse until water is clear
  • Wash at 30° on laundry day
  • Do not use fabric softener
  • Hang dry - do not use the dryer 
  • Wear again and enjoy :)

I have sensitive skin, can I wear your panties?

Yes, the absorbing part is always recovered with a cotton layer. The fabric used in the body of the panty is different according to each model.

Rebecca is in organic cotton and elastane.

Romy is in bamboo and elastane (bamboo is even softer than cotton)

Naomi and Lucie are in Nylon and elastane. This fabric is very comfortable and dries fast.

All our fabrics are certified OEKO TEX 100. This certification ensures that our products are not toxics and do not contain any harmful substances.

Other questions?

We are here for you at any time :)